We are building not just houses, but architecturally unique living spaces where people can enjoy their lives.

Entering the sector in 1998 as Yuvamİnşaat, our company has completed many projects in Eyüp and Gaziosmanpaşa, the renewed residential areas in Istanbul. Yuvamİnşaat completed and delivered approx. 250 residence and business place projects successfully by 2004. With the growth in construction sector in 2004, our company started operating at the popular residential area KemerburgazGöktürk, and completed the YeshillGöktürk project consisting of 180 residences at a quality worthy of its name.

Our company became a corporation and founded AkroYapı A.Ş. in 2006 in order to achieve bigger projects and started to realize new projects under its roof. AkroYapı completed Lifeİs'tanbul project with living spaces enriched with social equipment, featuring unique architectural lines. Karma Evler, which creates a difference in the region with its construction quality, is another recent projects realized by AkroYapı. Our objective is to serve the valuable investors of Turkey by developing new projects at various places in Turkey without making concessions from our quality - the signature of our company in all our projects - and to offer places to live happily and peacefully.


With its construction experience and expert project management comprising many factors such as quality, cost and time managements, AkroYapı constructs residences and workplaces throughout Turkey.


AkroYapı creates unique lines in every project it undertakes, complying with architectural requirements and techniques. It offers technological products, a prerequisite for its buildings, to people who wants to be owners of residences and workplaces, by integrating them into basic necessities. Including technology also in production processes of all its buildings, AkroYapı gives priority to conformity to urban environment in its projects.